Teenager Lakeem Jumps into Puddle for $1, Becomes Viral Hit (Video)

When Lakeen was dared by his friends to jump in a puddle for $1, he thought the biggest consequence would be that his new sneakers would get wet and a little dirty. However the puddle turned out to be deceptively deep and he ended up completely submerged in the water.

His friends were filming the jump attempt but they were just as surprised by the end result of the stunt as Lakeem was. In the video, you can hear Lakeem say “I’ll do it for the kids” as he jumps forward. The young man’s friends thought that the whole incident was hilarious and howled with laughter after his surprising leap, reports The Daily Mail. He thought it was pretty funny too apparently.

The video has gone viral on YouTube and has been watched by almost 250,000 people. “We all thought it was a puddle SWEAR TO GOD!?,” wrote AkonTpain, who posted the video. 

The video is below:

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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