'He Ended Up In Isolation': Teen Punished By School For Shaving Head For Cancer Charity


A U.K. teenager was put into “isolation” at school for coming in with a shaved head even though he made the drastic cut to support a cancer charity.

Reports say that 14-year-old Stan Lock, a student at Churchill Academy, wanted to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, so he set up a page online and collected donations. Lock raised a good amount of money, some from teachers at the school, and shaved his head as part of the fundraiser. A teacher took a photo on his phone and sent it to the headteacher, however, and then next day, Lock found out that he was being placed in isolation as punishment for his haircut.

“He came home on Friday evening and said that he had decided he wanted to shave his hair off for charity,” Lock’s mother Mel Rees explained. “I thought it was a great idea. He arranged to do it after his rugby match on Sunday and we set up a Justgiving Page where he started getting sponsorship from friends, family and even some teachers. We've had a number of friends and family affected by cancer, and though it has been nothing recent, it is something that's been playing on his mind."

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“When he came home on the Monday evening he said he was really worried that he was in serious trouble over the cut,” Rees added. “The next day he ended up in isolation and was told that he would have to stay there until his hair grew back to at least a number two.”

Rees says she tried to speak to the headteacher, but he told her that if he let Lock off without discipline, “1,400 might follow.”

After the story first broke online, users came to Lock’s defense, saying that the school should have used “common sense” and that the 14-year-old did a great thing.

“Some rules are there to be broken what a wonderful boy no one should punish him for what he has done,” commenter Marsha Maton wrote, according to BBC News.

A petition drafted to take the U.K. boy out of isolation has reportedly garnered more than 900 signatures, and a Facebook page in support of the teen has over a thousand likes.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, BBC News / Photo Source: Facebook, JustGiving.com


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