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Teenager Christian Lunsford Gets Rewarded For Paying Back Tona Herndon, The Woman His Father Allegedly Mugged

An Oklahoma youngster tried to right a terrible wrong when he attempted to pay back a woman who was allegedly mugged by his father.

Christian Lunsford saw the mug shot on TV of a man who allegedly robbed 78-year-old Tona Herndon when she was visiting her husband’s grave. The 15-year-old realized the man in the mug shot was his father and he reached out to Herndon.

Lunsford wanted to meet with her so he could apologize for his father’s crime and give her the $250 that his father had recently given to him. Lunsford’s parents divorced when he was young and he hasn’t seen his father very often, but the two apparently met recently and the father gave him $250 for a band trip for school.

The mugger initially got away with Herndon’s purse and $700, but police captured him and his mug shot was put on TV.

Herndon’s husband of 60 years had died just two weeks earlier when she was visiting his grave.

Lunsford told CBS News that his dad has been in and out of jail more than half a dozen times.

"There's times that you just feel really low, like, 'Is that going to be me?'" he said. "'Am I going to end up like that?'"

Herndon was very impressed by Lunsford’s desire to meet with her and give her the money.

"I thought that was so, so precious," Herndon said. "Any 15-year-old boy who has that much conscience is extraordinary."

She clearly was moved by his actions and when the teenager gave her the money, she gave it right back to him and told him she wanted him to take the band trip.

"You're not who your parents are," Lunsford said. "Even if they do raise you, you can become whatever you want to be."

Sources: CBS News, MSN


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