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Teenager Brutally Beaten By Schoolmates Who Film The Attack And Post Video Online (Video)

In a disturbing video (below) posted online, Alaskan teenage girls can be seen dragging, hitting, and stamping on a 14-year-old girl. The attackers were reportedly the ones who filmed and posted the video of the incident online.

Police have yet to charge anybody, and the school refuses to suspend the girls allegedly involved, reports the Daily Mail. The victim's parents, Wayne and Monica Johnson, have since pulled their daughter out of the public school.

"She's got threats coming into her school from the girl - her ex-best friend who set her up in the first place - that next time she's going to stab her and kill her, " Wayne told Fox 4, according to the Daily Mail.

The victim, Naomi Johnson, was left injured with medical bills at over $40,000. She has also been left emotionally damaged.

"Things are just different now," she said. "I don't go to school. I don't hang out with my other friends."

"Her whole life changed, with school, with everything and at one point I was thinking maybe we should just leave [the town]," Monica said. "Maybe it would help her to start new."

The father is now suing Deanna Kirgis -- the adult who hosted the party where the attack took place party -- $100,000 in damages, stating that she failed to intervene and provided the underage girls with alcohol. However, Kirgis denies providing alcohol.

A friend allegedly lured Naomi to a sleepover at Kirgis' home. The video, taken in July, shows at least five girls beating up Naomi for ten minutes while the victim struggles to escape.

After awhile she stops defending herself and curls up in the middle of the room as four girls continue to kick her head and body.

According to the website, bullying is on the rise, and "female bullying is just as common as bullying with males."

"Have a conversation with your child about recognizing bullying and educate them as to the proper ways to handle a bullying situation," the online forum notes to parents. The site also offers ways to respond to and recover from bullying.

In addition, the site addresses the female bullies themselves, saying that they often form due to a variety of psychological factors. They recommend that girl bullies be given counseling so they can be taught how to communicate in healthy ways and control their emotions.

Sources: Daily Mail, BullyingStatistics.orgNoBullying.Com / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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