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Teenager Behind Bars After Raping 91-Year-Old Woman

Kriss Strachan is now behind bars for the brutal rape of his 91-year-old neighbor. Stachan turned himself in after his mother confronted him with suspicions.

The 17-year-old was drinking at a party with friends last July. When he left the party, he made his way over to the nearby widow’s house. He pounded on the door, and when the victim answered the door, he stormed inside and demanded sex from her.

When she refused, Strachan forced himself on her. Though weaker than her rapist, the victim still put up a fight against him to make him stop, police say. She scratched at his face and banged on walls hoping someone would hear and come to her rescue. Strachan then grabbed the victim’s neck and began punching her.

When Strachan left, the victim ran to her neighbor’s house to tell them what had happened. Once the authorities were alerted and took a statement from the victim, they released a description of the rapist.

Strachan’s mother noticed a green hat on her couch, which was included in the description. When she confronted her son, he broke down in tears and admitted to the crime, saying: "I am sorry. I want to hand myself in.”

When authorities came by the house, he admitted to them: “It is me you are looking for. I want to kill myself. I cannot believe that I done that to the old woman. I am a scumbag."

Strachan’s sentence has not been reported yet, but the Glasgow High Court will have him held in custody until he is given his punishment. Since the attack, Strachan’s mother has disowned him. The victim no longer feels safe in her home of 40 years and has moved in with her daughter.

The teenager has shown remorse for his heinous crime and stated: “No one deserves being put in that position where they feel worthless and dirty. I regret it and I feel terrible at being there in the first place. I am so sorry."

Sources: The Mirror, BBC / Image Credit: Wikipedia


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