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Teenage Son Shoots, Kills Father After He Drunkenly Beats Mother

A 15 year old Florida boy who couldn’t bear to see his mother abused any longer shot and killed his father on New Years Day. The man was shot after he came home drunk early in the morning and began beating his wife.

"This is a domestic (incident) between father and son," said Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office Lt. Paul Hopkins. "During this incident, there were four people in the home."

The dead father was identified as 35 year old Christopher Albano. According to police, there were two younger children in the house at the time of the shooting.

Prior to the shooting, Albano’s wife called 911 and said her husband was beating her. When police arrived at the home, they found the man dead. After confessing to the shooting, the distressed 15 year old was seen sitting on a curb outside the family’s house while police investigated the event.

Orange County law enforcement officials have not yet said whether the teen will face any charges for the shooting.

"We have our homicide investigators on the scene, along with our CSI to collect any evidence and speak to the witnesses and canvas the area to see if anybody heard anything,” Lt. Hopkins said.

A classmate of the teenager told Florida news station WESH that the boy is a well-behaved student who typically avoids any trouble.

"He's not a bad kid. He's never getting into fights at school or anything. He's just a normal kid,” the fellow student said.

Albano had several run ins with the law in his past, including a 1999 charge of resisting arrest and a 2004 charge of drunken disorderly conduct.

Sources: WESH, Daily Mail


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