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A Teenage Girl Walks Over To A Bullied Boy And Hands Him A Box... (Photo)

A 13-year-old Kentucky girl helped out a young boy who was being bullied, but not just on any regular day -- on her birthday. 

Shaylynn Hampton spotted the boy being bullied on April 10, after he showed up at a children's basketball game in the neighborhood, WDRB reported. The boy was identified as Richard and was believed to be around 8 or 9 years old.

"I didn't know him at all," she said. "The little boys playing -- before he had gotten here -- were making fun of his shoes because they were not what you would call designer."

"His shoes were like coming apart on the bottom and stuff, like flipped back," Jamal Bibb, Shaylynn's stepbrother, told reporters. 

Despite not knowing the child, Shaylynn -- who turned 13 the same day -- wanted to help.

"I felt bad, because when I was his age, I got made fun of and I didn't like that," she said. "So to stop that feeling for someone else, it made me feel good."

When the boy took a break, Shaylynn surprised him with a spare pair of $200 Lebron James sneakers, reports KGO-TV.

"They were clean and like brand new," she said. "I didn't have anything to use them for."

Jackie Workman, Shaylynn's mother, said she was stunned by her daughter’s generous act of kindness. 

"When she came out of the bedroom, she had a box of shoes in her hand," Workman said. "I was like, 'What are you doing with those?' And she was like, 'They're making fun of a little boy outside, mom, and he's got holes in his shoes.'"

Shaylynn said the boy was thrilled to receive the shoes. 

"He was just happy and surprised that somebody would actually care that much," she said.

Workman said she hopes her daughter's act of kindness will inspire others to reach out and help those in need. 

"I think that there's still good in the world," she said.


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