Teen Swings Dog In Cruel Footage (Video)


A horrifying video showing a teen girl swinging a dog around by its neck with a leash has sparked an investigation (video below).

The cruel footage shows a 14-year-old girl swinging a small white dog around by its neck, the Daily Mail reports. The Royal Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating the video, which was reported to have been filmed in Devon, United Kingdom.

The dog appears dizzy and alarmed in the footage before the girl leads it away.

"We have been made aware of footage circulating on social media showing a dog being swung around by its collar and lead and are investigating," said a spokesperson for the RSPCA, urging anyone with information about the clip to contact the group.

The video was removed from social media, but not before hundreds of people left comments, outraged by the footage, according to Devon Live.

"How evil," wrote one commenter. "The dog should be taken away."

"DISGUSTING!! Someone take that poor dog off her!!" wrote another user on Facebook. "She may have mental health issues but it wouldn't go amiss to find out what her parents (if any?) would think or if indeed they are the same!! Cruel beyond belief!!!"

"Mental health issues? More like 'no discipline issues' if you ask me," wrote another. "She's very lucky that's not my dog & she's not my daughter! No excuses, it's disgusting."

"How people treat animals is how they treat people," responded another commenter. "This girl should be ashamed of herself, what a horrible person, take that dog away, she doesn't deserve it."

In a similar case in January, a Florida teenager was arrested after police said he was filmed swinging a Shih Tzu around on its leash and slamming it into the ground, WKMG reports.

Joseph Pendergrass, 18, was allegedly filmed performing the cruel acts at a boarding facility. He is also reported to have kicked the dog, which had its leg broken in the incident.

According to Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Pendergrass fled the state after the incident, going to Georgia until his relatives convinced him to come back to Florida to give himself up to the police.

When Ivey was asked about what could have led Pendergrass to hurt the dog, he answered, "The only word that I can think of is evil."

"Simple message is: If you hurt an animal in Brevard County, you hurt a child, you hurt a senior, you hurt anybody, you're going to jail and we're not going to play about," the sheriff added.

Sources: Devon Live, Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook, WKMG / Photo credit: Steve Starer/Flickr

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