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Two Teen Girls Set Dog On Fire And Film It (Video)

Two Teen Girls Set Dog On Fire And Film It (Video) Promo Image

Two North Carolina teens could be facing criminal charges after attempting to set a dog on fire and recording it (video below).

The girls, aged 13 and 14, have not been charged with anything as of yet, the Daily Mail reported. Their names were not released due to their age. The shocking video was captioned: "She burnt the dog."

In the footage, one of the girls is seen using an aerosol can and a lighter to attempt setting a dog on fire. The clip was shared on social media app Snapchat and then to Facebook. Several outraged users reported the video to the authorities, according to WGHP.

"That's just wrong to do it, period," one young boy told WGHP in reaction to the video.

"The dog doesn't know what's going on, regardless, so it's up to the people around the dog to not put it in the type of situation to begin with," added another.

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Guilford County deputies are currently investigating the case of animal abuse. They went to the home on Aug. 27 to begin their investigation, and placed the dog in the custody of the Guilford County Animal Shelter. The dog is expected to make a full recovery.

"At this point I have no idea what led up to the act. I just know what we saw with the video," Sergeant David Posten told the news station. "We did find some small sign of injury, consistent [with] singed fur."

"These could be very serious charges, and because of that, we don't rush into it," Posten continued.

The case will be turned over to a juvenile investigator. Police have not yet announced whether the young girls face formal charges, as the district attorney's office will ultimately decide that after the investigation is complete.

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Several residents in the area felt the girls should be facing some type of consequences for their actions.

"If it was my son, I would want him to be held responsible for what he did," said one resident.

"Some kind of community service. I don't think any jail time or anything like that," added another.

"Maybe she should have to work at an animal shelter taking care of other animals," a third said.

Several social media readers felt the punishment should be worse.

"They are old enough to know right from wrong and should not be treated like children. Next time it could be a child they decide to torture, if they have such a sick mindset nothing is unimaginable," wrote one social media user.

"Charge them as adults, they need to be held responsible for what they did," added another.

Sources: Daily Mail, WGHP / Featured Image: North Charleston/Flickr / Embedded Images: Fox8 via Daily Mail

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