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Lights To Be Installed At U.K. Street After Teen Was Run Over By 4 Cars, Double Decker Bus

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A teenager in England died from her injuries sustained from being hit by four cars as well as a double decker bus as she was crossing an unlit road.

Jessica Denning, 16, was walking to her college in Lincolnshire one morning last December when a Mazda MX5 hit her, according to

As the teenager laid in the road, several other vehicles reportedly ran her over including another MX5, a Ford Focus, a Citroen C3 and a double decker bus.

Emergency medical technicians pronounced Dunning dead when they arrived at the scene. The cause of her death was found to be a serious head injury.

The incident occurred close to her home where she lived with her father Ben, 38.

Peter Whitfield, the driver of the car that first hit her, spoke at an inquest saying that he did not see her due to how dark the street was.

“There was no street lighting,” Whitfield said. “It was so dark. There was a bump and I thought it was an animal. I immediately stopped. A man came and told me to go back to the car and an ambulance came.”

Her father made a statement at the inquest, saying: “Jessica was a genuine, nice and trustworthy girl. She had her whole life to look forward to and we will all miss her. This has left a great hole in our lives.”

The Coroner for Central Lincolnshire, Stuart Fisher, insists now that streetlights be installed on the road to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

“I propose to ask the county council to install lights to the west of South View for the safety of pedestrians and in line with a new holiday park being built in the area,” he said.

Source: The Daily Mail, The Mirror

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