Teenage Bully Tells Judge Why He Went After Boy With Asperger's Syndrome

A 14-year-old Liberty, Missouri, teen admitted to brutally beating a 12-year-old with autism.

Destiny Kitchen said her son, Blake, is lucky to be alive after an older boy brutally beat him in the cafeteria at school. 

According to Kitchen, she and her husband warned the school of the bully a month before the attack — sending the principal a letter that detailed the ongoing bullying that was occurring. It was Kitchen’s older son, Blake’s brother, who’d been the attacker’s victim prior to the beating. 

When Blake arrived to the cafeteria to eat in his normal seat, another boy moved his belongings from the spot. When he asked the boy to move from his seat, the bully stepped in and began beating him until he blacked out. He continued to attack him after becoming unconscious. 

“It makes me sad and angry to see him have that moment of terror,” Kitchen said. 

“Is your son going to make it? To listen to him cry and say, 'Mommy I'm going to die. Please don't let me die I'm not ready.' It could have been avoided."

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Blake, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, spent four days in the hospital recovering from a jawline fracture, fractured skull and ear damage. He also began leaking spinal fluid as a result of the attack. 

The bully ultimately admitted to a judge that he beat the 12-year-old, adding that he regretted his actions.

“My client is very sorry about what happened and so is his family. We feel for the victim in this case. I do also want to say my client was also the victim of some bullying at the school. He made some reports for that,” the boy’s attorney, Gregory Culotta, said, explaining that the boy had also been bullied by several students in the school.

“Understand that my client was a victim too as far as the bullying. He wishes he could take it back, but he can't. He is going to deal with the consequences and do the best he can when he goes to the division of youth services."

Sources: KCTVFox 4 / Photo credit: Fox 4, KCTV 


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