Teenage Boys Sentenced to Less Than 45 Days in Jail For Sexual Assault That Led to Girl's Suicide


15-year-old Audrie Pott tragically hanged herself in 2012 after being sexually assaulted while passed out drunk at a house party just a week before. Now, three teenagers have confessed to sexually assaulting Pott the night in question and have been sentenced to only 30 to 45 days in prison.

“As much as we strongly disagree with and are actively attempting to change the lenient privacy laws afforded to juveniles, even when they commit as here heinous acts on an unconscious minor, we cannot publicly comment on any aspect of any criminal proceedings involving these young men,” said Robert Allard, attorney for Pott’s parents.

During the sexual assault, the three boys “digitally penetrated” the young girl, took pictures of her naked body and pictures of themselves assaulting her, and wrote explicit messages on her in Sharpie. Pott eventually woke up to find the messages and discovered that her pants were around her ankles.

When Pott discovered that pictures were taken of her, she apparently wrote Facebook messages to the boys pleading them to delete the photos. By the time she started her sophomore year at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, California just two days later, people had already seen the photos.

“The sole issue in this case is the callous behavior of the suspects which directly led to Audrie's unnecessary death,” said Allard. “Since this lawsuit was filed, it has become quite clear to us that the suspects refuse to accept responsibility or show remorse for their actions.”

“This case is and will always be about the tragic consequences associated with sexual assault and cyber bullying,” continued Allard. 


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