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Teenage Boy Stops Robber From Stealing His Family's Valuables

Alex Leek, 14, came home from school and found a robber inside his home. When the robber fled, he took Alex's telephone so that the youngster could not call police.

What did Alex do? 

He followed him until he located someone who would assist in arresting the man.

Alex's initial reaction when he saw the robber was of surprise.

“I walked in and there was a guy squatting on the floor,” said Alex, “I was kind of like, ‘Whoa, who’s that?,’” reports FOX4 News.

When the thief ran out the door with Alex's family's valuables, totaling more than $1,000, Alex did not simply let him get away.

“I just kept following this guy, I was like hiding and stuff so he couldn’t see me,” said Alex.

Leek ran into many people while following the robber around the neighborhood, but no one would help him, not even after he told them he had just robbed his house. When Leek reached the Trails West Library he finally caught a break.

Leek told the library security guard that the man had just robbed his house.

“The security guard went out and told him to stop and then he stopped and he dropped some stuff,” Leek recalled according to The Blaze. “He tried telling the security guard that I robbed him and he was in his house playing video games.”

The robber then ran off, but police caught up with him a few blocks away.

Leek's grandmother, Kelly Jenkins, thought he was telling her a joke when she received a call from Trails West Library about the incident. Alex could only exclaim, "I'm serious grandma!," Kelly said.

Alex's uncle, Brady Jenkins, is very proud of his brave nephew.

“He’s a smart kid and he’s got a lot of heart, and I’m just really proud of him...that’s my guy,” Jenkins said. “You’ve got to do what’s right, do what you feel is right, he tried to get adults help, and if they aren’t going to do it, then I’m proud of him for doing it himself.”

The suspect, David R. Smith, 24, was arraigned on charges of theft and second-degree burglary.

Leek is happy the police caught the guy and that he has helped to stop him from doing this to others.

“He won’t be able to rob any more houses, and he won’t because he went to jail!” Alex said.


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