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Teenage Boy May Be Charged As Adult After Allegedly Killing 94-Year-Old Woman

A 15-year-old boy from Niles, Ohio was charged with aggravated murder after being linked with the death of a 94-year-old woman.

According to the release, police determined the death of Marie Belcastro, 94, was a homicide after arriving at her house on March 31. Assistant prosecutors then determined there was probable cause to charge Jacob Larosa, 15, with aggravated murder, the release stated.

According to Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins, it is apparent Belcastro's death was a homicide due to the condition and injuries she suffered. As a result, he has decided to transfer the case to adult court because of the circumstances.

Although police have characterized the crime as a beating death, the Trumbull County Coroner is still investigating and has not issued a ruling on the cause of death, reported WFMJ.

Larosa has been named in 19 different police reports since September 2013, many of which involve him running away. There have been incidents of him breaking and entering, criminal mischief, theft and assault.

"It's very sad, it's unbelievable, something you just wouldn't think would happen in broad daylight," Belcastro's neighbor, Jamie Mullane, said.

The manager at a nearby gas station says Larosa tried to buy cigars and alcohol on the afternoon of March 31, but was turned away twice.

"I went to the window and I know him personally, his family personally, so I refused to sell it to him, because he's underage," said Sheli Devinney, the gas station manager. "He was shaking, he was a little nervous, I didn't know why."

“He smokes weed, but that is not a reason to judge him. That would not cause him to do this,” said Kaela Larosa, his sister. “I just don’t know why this is happening.”

“I know my brother is loving. He cares, he cries. He has stolen $10 from me and then wrote a note apologizing and he gave it back,” Kaela said.

The prosecutor’s office said it will continue in its efforts to try Larosa as an adult. The adult aggravated murder charges could potentially result in a life in prison for Larosa. The 15-year-old boy will remain in custody until his next hearing.

Sources: WKBN,WFMJ

Photo Source: Flickr 


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