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Teen who Posted Murder on Facebook Sentenced to 30 Years

Anthony Malcolm, age 19, is the first of three teens to be sentenced for the murder of Delfino Mora, a 62-year-old disabled man beaten to death in a Chicago alley. Malcolm videotaped the crime and posted the footage on Facebook.

Malcolm was sentenced to 30 years: 22 years for first-degree murder, and an additional eight years for robbery.

The crime occurred when the trio took part in a “game” called “pick ‘em out, knock ‘em out.” They spotted Mora, who was collecting cans to recycle for supplemental income, and demanded that he empty his pockets. Then one teen, Malik Jones, reportedly struck Mora in the jaw, knocking him onto the concrete where he hit his head.

As Mora lay on the ground, the boys went through his wallet. Eventually, a passerby found Mora and called for help, but the man died the next day from blunt force trauma.

The event is an example of a phenomenon called “happy slapping,” in which criminals seeking notoriety videotape their assaults and post them on social media outlets such as YouTube or Facebook.

Despite Malcolm’s defense that all he did was hold the camera, Judge Joseph Claps stated, “It’s a sad travesty that Mr. Delfino Mora died because of the actions of people who apparently think that what they were doing was a game. Well, it wasn’t a game for Mr. Mora and his family.”

He also said, “There must be a deterrent for people who choose violence for some past-time.”

Said prosecutor James Murphy during the trial, “He left him in the alley like a piece of garbage. To them it was funny, they laughed”

Mora’s son Emanuel weighed in on the sentencing, saying, “We feel a little bit of peace in our hearts. The judge made the right decision. But on the other side, we still feel a little bit down because with this decision, it’s not going to bring our father back.”

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