Teen Who Murdered Mother With Sledgehammer Gets Further Sentencing

A Tennessee teen sentenced to life in prison for the 2012 killing of his mother with a sledgehammer was given additional sentences on June 5 for other charges brought against him, reports The Tennessean.

Sumner County Court gave 17-year-old Zachary Davis, 20 years for attempted first-degree murder and aggravated arson for lighting his house on fire while his older brother was still inside.

Judge Dee David Gay ordered the additional sentences to be served concurrently, but only after the 60-year life sentence given to Davis in April was served.

Davis now faces at least 71 years in prison.

Davis was 15 when he killed his mother, Melanie Davis, in her sleep two years ago. He says he struck her head 20 times.

Later that night, he set their house on fire with his older brother still inside. His brother managed to flee the house unharmed.

At his sentencing on June 5, Davis told the court his brother helped kill their mother that night.

“It was my brother that did it. I learned that off the evidence I saw,” said David, reported WKRN.

Davis’ legal team argued that David suffers from mental illness, reported WHBQ. His attorneys intend on filing a motion for mistrial.

The case made headlines across the country after Davis sat down with TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw in May to discuss the murder.

“She wasn’t taking care of my family,” Davis told McGraw.

The interview was also shown in court on June 5.

“The thing that bothers me is that you have shown no regrets, no remorse, in murdering your own mother at age 15,” said Gay.

Davis' grandmother pleaded on behalf of her grandson to Gay: "What transpired did not have to happen if Zach had been given the mental health treatment that was recommended by others, we would not be there today.”

Sources: WKRN, The Huffington Post, WHBQ/Associated Press, The Tennessean

Photo Credit: Screenshot via WKRN


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