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Teen Who Killed Girlfriend's Parents Gets Parole

A teenager from Garland, Texas, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend's mother and stepfather in 2010 is set to go free on parole when he turns 19 in June.

While the teenager was the one who killed the girl's parents, police say that the mother's 13-year-old daughter is the one who put him up to it, KDFW reports.

The gruesome murders made national headlines when they occurred.  Darlene Nevil, 46, was shot and killed after returning home from work.  The two teenagers then waited for her husband Alan, 48, to get home, at which point they shot him five times and escaped over a back fence.

Police discovered the teens in a nearby apartment soon after the murders, where they were apparently having sex according to The Dallas Morning News.

The unnamed boy was 13 at the time of the murder.  He and his girlfriend pleaded guilty to capital murder in 2011; the girl's transfer hearing will be held later this year.

The boy's hearing was held May 18.  Judge Andrea Martin ordered him released next month rather than send him to the adult justice system to serve the remainder of his 28-year sentence.

He is likely to be assigned to a halfway house, will be required to attend anger management and individual counseling meetings, and will not be permitted to use social media for the first year he is out of prison.  He will not have to serve time in adult prison unless he violates the terms of his parole.

Family members of the deceased were very displeased with the verdict.  Destiyne Nevil, 18, told the court:

"I’m going to be graduating in 11 days and my grandpa isn’t going to see me walk the stage. We didn't get the outcome that we wanted. The guy, he only served 6 years of a 28-year sentence and I don't think that was just for my family."

Susan Nevil, Alan's daughter, pleaded with the judge to keep the teenager in prison longer.

"My kids are still suffering! My brother is still suffering and it’s not right! He gets to sit next to his mom. He gets to see his mom. And my dad is in a box."

Sources: KDFW, Dallas Morning News / Photo credit: Dallas Morning News

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