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Teen Who Asked Online Stranger To Kill Her Family Released From Jail

In June, Alabama teenager Marissa Williams, 19, was arrested after she tried to convince someone she met on Facebook to kill her family. reports that Williams is now out of jail and has checked into a youth center in Opelika, Alabama.

Williams’ story was one of the more unusual ones in recent memory. Her plot to kill her family was discovered by her aunt, who created a fake Facebook profile to see what Williams was doing during the endless hours she spent online. Her aunt created a Facebook profile under the name Tre “Topdog” Ellis and added Williams.

After just a few online chats, Williams invited “Ellis” over for sex. As the two continued to talk, Williams opened up about how much she hated her family and how badly she wanted to run away. Then, to her aunt's horror, Williams proposed a plan in which “Ellis” would break into her home and kill her aunt, her cousin, her aunt’s fiancé and the family dog. After the killing spree, Williams suggested, the two could run away together.

The aunt reported Williams immediately and Williams was arrested by police and booked into jail on solicitation of murder charges. She spent the last 114 days locked up. Her transfer to the youth center comes as a grand jury decides whether or not to indict Williams on the solicitation of murder charge.

In the meantime, Williams is forbidden from leaving the state of Alabama and must check in with the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Department after completing a program for at-risk youth.



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