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Teen Kills Grandma In Argument About School (Photos)

A Pennsylvania teenager reportedly shot and killed his grandmother while arguing with her about school.

Hunter Riley Reeser, 14, shot Sandra Orton, 60, before initially telling her husband on Aug. 23 he had found her injured, Time reports.

He later admitted to being responsible for the shooting.

Hunter explained to authorities he was arguing with his grandmother because he did not want to go to a school meeting, WTAE reports.

He has been charged as an adult with homicide and first-degree murder charges, which is standard in Pennsylvania for murder charges. A court can reverse this and charge Hunter as a juvenile.

This is not the first time a teenager has shot and killed a family member, the Daily Mail reports.

Erin Caffey arranged the killing of her parents and two siblings after her family forbade her from seeing the 19-year-old teen she was dating in 2008.

Her father, Terry, was the sole survivor of the events, ABC News reports.

In addition to shooting family members, Erin and her accomplices also set the house on fire.

"The house is exploding, it's totally engulfed, and I'm forced back in the bedroom," Terry said. "I am trying to climb over the bed but that's where the flames are and that's where I found Penny, and when I saw her, it was a terrible scene, her nearly decapitated head. I knew she was gone."

Terry found forgiveness for the people who were responsible for the murders.

He captured international attention again in 2012 after he publicly announced he forgave Erin and her accomplices, stating he often visits his now remorseful daughter in prison.

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"It's time to forgive. It's time to enjoy life again. Life does go on," he said, adding that he does not want anger and bitterness to ruin his life.

"I want to get Erin," he added. "I want us to walk away, arm in arm, and never look back."

Sources: Time, WTAE, Daily Mail, ABC News / Photo credit: WTAE 

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