Arizona Man Accused of Killing Teenager For An XBox


A 16-year-old boy was shot to death when he tried to sell his Xbox to a stranger he met online.

Aaron Ott, 19, of Avondale, Arizona, was taken into custody on suspicion of first-degree murder and armed robbery, according to AZCentral. Ott is suspected of shooting 16-year-old Miguel Navarro in the back. Navarro died shortly after the shooting.

According to police, Ott was looking for a new gaming device and his friend, Pedro Claro-Fernandez, found Navarro's Xbox ad on OfferUp, a site that allows people to post items for sale. Ott reportedly told Claro-Fernandez to download an app that would disguise his number and the Claro-Fernandez began communicating with Navarro to arrange a meeting.

On April 17, Ott and Claro-Fernandez drove to Navarro's house in Glendale in an SUV that belonged to Claro-Fernandez's mother. Claro-Fernandez told police Ott drove the vehicle to Navarro's house while Claro-Fernandez texted Navarro whatever Ott told him to say.

Ott then reportedly parked the vehicle around the corner from Navarro's house and went to meet Navarro. Claro-Fernandez told police he heard gunshots a few minutes later and then saw Ott running toward the vehicle with a black backpack in his hand. Ott threw the backpack in the car and drove off.

In the vehicle, Ott told Claro-Fernandez that Navarro refused to give him the Xbox, so he shot him and took it.

The next day, Claro-Fernandez learned that Navarro had been killed. He then asked Ott why he did it and Ott said he “did what he had to do” and then laughed about the shooting. Claro-Fernandez also said he didn't know Ott was carrying a gun at the time.

When police questioned Ott, he said the whole thing was Claro-Fernandez's idea and that he has no memory of what happened because he was high on marijuana.

Only two weeks before he was murdered, Navarro had celebrated his 16th birthday and got back together with his high school sweetheart, Marissa Walthers, according to KTVK.

"Why do this? He was a baby. He was 16. He was a kid. He didn't deserve it," Walthers said.

Sources: AZCentral, KTVK / Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office via KTVK

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