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Teen Severely Injured By Internet Fad (Photos)

Teen Severely Injured By Internet Fad (Photos) Promo Image

There's a dangerous new social media craze that's sweeping the nation.

The so-called "Hot Water Challenge" consists of taking a container of boiling water and drinking it, or throwing it on an unsuspecting person, explains the Daily Mail.

The fad is documented on various videos posted to YouTube, and at least one death has been attributed to it.

Ki'ari Pope, 8, was severely burned in March when she drank boiling water through a straw on a dare from her cousin.

Her mother, Marquisia Bonner, told the Sun Sentinel they were mimicking a video they saw on YouTube.

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She received a tracheotomy that left her deaf and with chronic respiratory problems; she died five months later.

A new twist on the Hot Water Challenge was recently performed in Arkansas.

Nickolas Conrad, a student at Sherwood High School in Little Rock, was at a sleepover with six of his friends when he took the challenge, reports KTHV.

Except he didn't consent to it. Rather, it was imposed upon him while he was asleep.

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"I felt this really bad burning on my neck and when I woke up and I started screaming and crying," he explained. "It was the worst pain of my life."

That's because his friends poured boiling water on him, giving him first- and second-degree burns on the majority of his neck. 

"I just want them to leave me alone. They're not my friends anymore and they're not going to be," he said.

His mom, Mickey Conrad, said she's still in shock. "I thought he had been in an accident and that it had been an accident but when I found out it was deliberate, it's so concerning," she said.

She's urging parents to warn their kids of the dangers of doing stupid things they see on the internet.

"Don't ever say, 'My child won't do that,' and educate them," she said.

Sgt. Keith Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department said: "We're now talking with our school resource officers who are working with school administrators to educate all the students to not do this and that this is not a joke. These kids could seriously injure someone and you can be facing felony charges."

Police are investigating the incident, but no charges have been filed. The adults at the house in which the incident took place say they were unaware of what was going on.

Sources: Daily Mail, KTHV, Sun Sentinel / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: KTHV via Daily Mail

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