Teen Violently Attacked, Stripped Of Pants On Brooklyn Subway (Video)

In a violent attack, a 15-year-old teen on a Brooklyn, New York, subway was robbed of his cell phone, shoes and pants.

The attack was caught on cell phone video, which can be viewed below.

Police said the victim was attacked by up to five teens while on the Canarsie-bound L train at the Broadway Junction station in East New York on Friday afternoon, reports New York Daily News.

The teen tried to get off the subway at the next stop but his attackers grabbed him on the platform and continued beating him. It was then that they took his shoes, cell phone and pants.

The victim can be seen in the video being attacked on the platform and then dragged back onto the subway. He is then seen lying on the floor of the subway in his underwear while a bystander tries to console him and give him water.

Calls to 911 were made by witnesses on the subway.

The victim was taken by paramedics to Brookdale University Hospital with injuries to his head and body.

Police are currently searching for the attackers, reports PIX 11.

Tony Herbert, a Brooklyn community advocate, thinks the attack was gang-related.

“What is happening nowadays is a group of teens will walk up to another group of teens, whether they be two or more, and ask what gang they reppin, then in a flash of a second the assault begins,” Herbert said.

Sources: New York Daily News, PIX 11

Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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