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Teen Video Blogger Tells Girls To Stay With Men Who Abuse Them Because It's A "Sign He Loves You" (Video)

An 18-year-old video blogger decided to give the world some relationship advice in a now viral video, telling female viewers that if their boyfriend hits them, they should stay with them.

In the disturbing clip, Romina Garcia openly supports domestic abuse and says that a boyfriend hitting his girlfriend is actually a sign of love.

“I just wanted to say that if your boyfriend or the guy that you're with puts his hands on you, like he hits you or beats you up or whatever he does, stay with him,” advises Garcia. “That n***** f****** loves you because he's risking for you to press charges on him, he is risking for you know, you calling the police or you know, he - he's gonna do time or he's gonna have to pay money to get out of jail or whatever the case may be. He's risking all of that for you.”

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Garcia goes on to describe a recent experience in which her boyfriend showed his undying affection for her by giving her a black eye.

“The other day my boyfriend gave me a black-eye, it was my fault, like, he didn't mean - I mean he, he - he was going to hit me but like I moved, so he got my eye,” Garcia said. “After I realised how stupid I was, how I could have avoided everything, I got on my knees and I begged him like please ‘do not leave me’, like, I am so sorry for what I, you know, for what I did. Like, you gave me an order and I didn't follow it and now I know not to disrespect you, not to talk back, if he gives me an order to follow it.”

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The clip has since gone viral, and most people are not happy with the admitted Kim Kardashian wannabe’s advice.

“There are no words to explain (this). And quite frankly, I don't care what you've got going on in your personal ‘love’ life,” wrote user Essence Thompson, according to the Daily Mail. “The reason I'm upset is because you're giving this kind of advice to young girls. Girls who follow and look up to you (for some odd reason). You need to stop this. Seriously. It's not funny, not cute, and not right. Just stop.”

Take a look at the twisted advice video blog from Garcia below.

Sources:Daily Mail, Lybio / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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