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Father Outraged After Bullies Put Daughter In The Hospital

A Virginia man is outraged after his daughter reportedly ended up in the hospital after a case of extreme bullying at her school.  

Jason Hudson said his 11-year-old daughter Hailey was the victim of ongoing threats and violence from classmates at John Rolfe Middle School in Henrico, Virginia, WWBT reports. According to the father, Hailey was pushed off a bus ramp by the bullies, an act which landed her in the hospital.

"It brought me to tears in the principal's office," Hudson told WWBT. "I don't know what else to say or do."  

"They knocked my daughter over and broke her wrist in four places," he added.

Hudson said he is further outraged because Hailey had reportedly been trying to alert school officials of the bullying for some time. According to Hudson, Hailey wrote letters to teachers detailing her abuse, but school officials responded by telling him that no criminal action could be taken because it was a case of "horse playing gone wrong."

"Horse playing gone wrong?" Hudson said, "what does that mean?" 

Hudson added that Hailey's classmates sent her profanity-laced messages on school computers. One of the students even went as far as to demand that Hailey bring in 100 pieces of candy to avoid being bullied, Hudson said. 

"She's afraid," Hudson said. "She doesn't want to go to school. I'm terrified to send my daughter to school. Somebody has to get hurt for something to happen? I don't understand." 

According to, one in four U.S. school children is the victim of ongoing bullying, either at their school, through cyber bullying, or some combination of the two.  

In Hailey's case, Hudson said her favorite jacket was torn off during the recent bullying incident which landed her in the hospital, WWBT reports. 

"It was like her security blanket," Hudson said of the jacket, "I just want it replaced."  

School officials have reportedly offered to replace the jacket. They also issued this statement:  

School leaders are well aware of the situation, and the response was immediate and appropriate. However, federal law prohibits school divisions from providing additional facts in this, or in any situation pertaining to students. When school-based disciplinary incidents occur, the Code of Student Conduct details the appropriate actions to address such incidents, and the Code of Student Conduct was followed. The school division will always take steps to ensure the well-being of all students while affording all students the rights and confidentiality to which they are entitled by law.

Sources: WWBT, Bullying Statistics / Photo Credit: WWBT

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