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Teen Tricks 3 Walmart Managers Out Of Nearly $30,000

An unidentified 17 year old allegedly tricked 3 Oklahoma Walmart store managers out of nearly $30,000.

According to CBS Houston, the teen conned Walmart managers in Moore, Edmond and Norman, Okla. into thinking he was an employee.

The teen “acted as if he was a general manager from another store,” notes police report.

The teen told the Walmart managers that he “was doing an inventory of the store before general managers came to inspect them after the holidays,” stated the police report.

When the teen was left alone to do his audit in the cash rooms, he stole “multiple bundles of cash, stuffing them inside his pockets and clothes,” claims the police report.

Apparently, the teen had a Walmart uniform and nametag from his prior employment at a Walmart in Oklahoma City where he was reportedly fired for stealing.

The teen was finally arrested on Jan. 30 in Norman, Okla.

“He’s obviously confident in what he’s doing and has a good story,” Sgt. Jeremey Lewis told KFOR.

Sources: KFOR and CBS Houston


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