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Teen Killed After Donating Money To Homeless

A homeless man in New York reportedly stabbed and killed a teenager on June 17 after the teen revealed he did not have any more money to give.

Aspiring lawyer Carl Ducasse, 17, stopped to give a homeless man $2 but was allegedly killed for not giving enough, MSN reports.

“The homeless guy wanted more,” said his mother, Angela Ducasse. “He died because of $2. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

The boy was only one block away from his home when he was killed.

When Carl explained he had no cash, a fight quickly broke out that reportedly escalated when a man carrying a knife joined in.

The man with the knife allegedly killed the teenager before fleeing the scene. Police say they are now on the hunt for the suspects involved in the murder

Carl was about to graduate from high school.

“He wanted to go to college,” said his father, Carlos, as he mourned his youngest child only the day before Father’s Day. “He wanted to be prepared for life.”

“We already bought his graduation clothes,” added Angela.

“He was never a kid of the streets,” she said. “He was a regular teenager. He was never arrested. He said he wanted to be a lawyer.”

It's a mistake to believe all homeless people commit these types of crimes, the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty reveals.

“Homeless people actually commit less violent crimes than housed people,” its studies reveal.

In some cases, homeless people can be more vulnerable than those who have a home.

In July 2014, three New Mexico teenagers smashed cinder blocks into the faces of three homeless men, killing two of them, Vice News reports. 

"I was getting sick to my stomach over both the brutality and the age of the boys," Simon Drobik, a public information officer in the Albuquerque police department, said of the teens, aged 18, 16 and 15. "Usually acts of violence are quick, a shooting or stabbing, and the act of violence is over ... this act of violence lasted 20 minutes to an hour."

They would later confess to beating up 50 other homeless people.

Sources: MSN, National Law Center On Homelessness And Poverty, Vice / Photo credit: New York Daily News via MSN

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