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Teen Tosses Newborn Baby Out The Window In Panic

A teen mother sent a disturbing message to her boyfriend after throwing their prematurely born daughter out of a window.

After killing the baby, Nebraska-based 16-year-old Antonia Lopez texted her boyfriend saying: "It was a girl by the way," The Sun reports. 

The young mother has as of now managed to avoid jail time after pleading guilty in juvenile court, The Omaha World Herald reports.

Lopez was initially charged as an adult with a potential sentencing of 20 years in prison, but her case was transferred to juvenile court where she faced her sentencing as a minor. 

Her daughter's death had been the result of a "panicked reaction" rather than a pre-meditated murder, it was found.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said his office decided to transfer the case to juvenile court after taking into consideration the teen's mental state, her actions and lack of a criminal past. 

He stated: "It’s a horrible case -- terrible. To me, after we looked into it, the way things happened, it didn’t seem to be anything you would label as an adult-specific act. It wasn’t a planned-out, thought-out process. It was more of a panicked reaction."

Police say she went into labor alone in her bedroom and gave birth to a premature infant girl. 

She then proceeded to throw the premature baby out of a window, and later told her mother what had happened. 

Her mother rescued the infant and called the police at 4:12 a.m. to report the baby's death. 

According to police, the baby weighed only two pounds after being born between 25 and 28 weeks, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital.

Lopez claims she did not know she was pregnant before giving birth seven months into her pregnancy. 

She informed police that pain had gripped her as she was sleeping and she laid a towel down in her bedroom to address what she thought was a period. 

However, texts to her boyfriend paint a different picture. She wrote: "Babe I’m having contractions in my lower abs every couple seconds. It hurts so much."

"I am in so much pain," followed by "I want it to stop."

She later wrote, "it was a girl by the way." 

That same day, she posted on Facebook "Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?"

The juvenile court ruled Lopez will continue with school and be subject to psychiatric and medical care while being taken care of by foster parents.

Sources: The SunOmaha World Herald / Photo credit: OPD via Telemundo

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