Teen Tasered In School By Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Is In A Coma, Mother Sues

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A Texas 17-year-old boy who was Tasered by a school security officer last week suffered “a severe brain hemorrhage” and is now in a coma.

The teen was reportedly involved in a fight in the hallway of Cedar Creek High School, when the security officer, who is an off-duty Bastrop County sheriff’s deputy, Tasered him.

The boy’s mother, Maria Acosta, says that her son was breaking up a fight when the school’s “resource officer” Tasered him for no reason.

She is suing Bastrop County, the Bastrop Independent School District, and the off-duty deputy Randy McMillan.

Acosta says he son "stepped in to break up the fight" between two female students, when McMillian Tasered him on Nov. 20, the federal lawsuit says. She claims her son had already "diffused the situation" by the time resource officers arrived.

McMillan allegedly told her son, named in the lawsuit only as “N.N.”, and he complied. He even held up his hands in the air, but the suit says McMillan Tasered him anyway.

N.N. hit his head on the floor as he fell. While he was unconscious, McMillan handcuffed him. According to the suit, McMillan was "delayed in calling for medical assistance even though N.N. was in an obvious emergency medical situations."

"Eventually, school officials called for EMS and N.N. was airlifted to St. David's Medical Center, where he immediately underwent surgery to repair a severe brain hemorrhage and was placed in a medically induced coma,” the complaint states. "N.N. remains in a coma, and has not been able to communicate with his family since his hospitalization."

Acosta says McMillan was allowed to stay at the school even though he Tasered another student last year. She believes the school ignored a “foreseeable danger” posed to her son.

The suit seeks medical expenses; damages for excessive force, failure to train, and discipline; civil rights violations; and education code violations.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, Daily Mail


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