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Mom Upset After Daughter Gets In-School Suspension Over Pants (Photos)

An Indianapolis mother is outraged after her teenage daughter was reportedly given two days in-school suspension because her pants were too tight.

Traci Hull said she learned of her daughter’s suspension through an email. Morgan Hull, 12, had missed two days worth of school because of the dress code violation, the Indy Channel reported on Nov. 19.

Here are pictures of Traci Hull with her daughter, Morgan. Morgan is wearing the pants she was suspended over, courtesy of The Indy Channel:

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Traci told the Indy Channel that she only found about the in-school suspension after the school sent her an email. In the email, it was noted that Morgan should have been given a warning instead of the suspension.

When Traci took Morgan to school the following day, she was told by the assistant principal that the teen’s pants were again too tight.

“She is not getting the proper education,” Hull said. “She is behind in school and we are spending now two days focused on pants that are too tight. It is unfathomable to me that there is this big of an issue on her dress code and not her education.”

Hull added that someone in the Franklin Township Superintendent’s office said that Morgan’s outfit appeared to be appropriate and is investigating the issue.

School dress codes have become a contentious issue as of late, with many saying that they unfairly target female students. In September, students at the Charleston County School of Arts in North Charleston, South Carolina, wore scarlet letters on their clothing for nearly a week to protest the school's allegedly sexist dress code policy, The Post and Courier reported at the time.

After meeting directly with one student about the issue, the school's assistant principal emphasized to both students and teachers that the dress code needed to be enforced fairly.

Sources: The Indy Channel, The Post and Courier / Photo Credit: Screenshot/The Indy Channel

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