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Teen Suspended for Bloodshot Eyes; Crying Over Murdered Dad

School officials in Texas accused a student of smoking marijuana because his eyes were bloodshot. He was sent home and suspended for three days. His actual crime? -- he was crying because his father was murdered.

Kyler Robertson, 16,  insisted on going to school in Trophy Club, Texas last Tuesday, even though his father was stabbed to death two days earlier. He was late for class, and when he went to the office to get a late slip, employees noticed his red eyes, and said he smelled like marijuana.

They called his mother, who told him about the father. However, they insisted Kyler get a drug test in order to be allowed back to school. He was tested that day, it came back negative, and he was cleared to return to school after the suspension.

Kyler's mother is trying to get the suspension removed from Kyler's record. There is an appeals process that could result in that happening.

A spokeswoman for the school district said it could not comment because privacy rules prohibit her from talking about any student's activities at school.


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