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Teen Stoner Doesn't Care That Shooting Was Planned For His School (Video)

Brendan Moore, 17, was arrested and charged last week for allegedly planning a mass shooting at Topeka West High School in Topeka, Kan.

Moore was charged with four felonies for soliciting three other people to help him kill two vice principals and two law enforcement officers at the school on Dec. 12, 2013, reported KCTV.

Students at Topeka West High School say that Moore is the class clown who has made threats in the past, but wasn't taken seriously until now.

Fortunately, police were tipped off by an anonymous source about the threats.

In response to the arrest and alleged plot, a local TV news station, WIBW, asked Topeka West High School student Nate Magers (pictured) about the alleged murder plan. reports that Magers had little, if any, concern because he may have been high during the interview (video below).

A WIBW reporter and cameraman asked Magers if he was "scared to come to school" but the teen repeatedly said "no" and added "because they're not plotting to kill me."

Sources: and KCTV


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