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Police: Teen Stabs Man To Death For Spilling Coffee On Him

Antonio Muralles, 52, stepped out of a McDonald’s in Stamford, Connecticut, holding a cup of coffee on the evening of March 11. He apparently accidentally bumped into a 15-year-old boy and spilled coffee on him. 

The teen reacted by stabbing Muralles to death, police say. 

The Stamford Advocate reported the unnamed teen and 22-year-old James McLamb have been arrested in connection with Muralles’ death. McLamb allegedly also assaulted Muralles during the stabbing.

"Words were exchanged and then without warning, he was viciously attacked and stabbed through the heart — a very heinous, tragic incident," Capt. Richard Conklin said at a news conference. 

A third suspect is still wanted by police.

McLamb was already in custody in New Haven on an unrelated weapons charge. He has since been brought to Stamford.

Rosa Olivia, 39, said she was happy the men who stabbed her uncle were caught. 

McLamb was identified by a narcotics officer’s source — a woman who saw the incident came forward. "That blew the case wide open,” said Lt. Diedrich Hohn.

Muralles’ family said he was a quiet man who worked at a coffee factory in Norwalk, Connecticut. He planned to return to Guatemala to care for his elderly father.

His remains will be sent back to Guatemala. 

Source: The Stamford Advocate

Image: Stamford Police Department via The Stamford Advocate


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