Teen Sparks Controversy With Smiling Selfie At Auschwitz Death Camp


A teenager tweeted a picture of herself during a visit to Auschwitz, and now, she’s sparked a firestorm of backlash on social media.

The teen, known only as Breanna, posted the selfie with the caption, “Selfie in Auschwitz Concentration Camp.” The caption was followed by a smiling emoticon, and in the picture, Breanna looks extremely happy. The picture soon went viral, and people all over Twitter fired back at the teen for what they say was a disrespectful act.

“How can you be happy and smile in this pic?” tweeted one user. “Do you not understand the horrors and murders that happened here?"

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Breanna immediately tweeted back at critics, claiming that she and her newly deceased father studied Auschwitz together and explaining that she was happy to honor her father by being there.

“Yeah, I do understand what happened there,” Breanna tweeted. “I studied it for years with my dad and we always planned to visit there but he died a year ago, so that trip actually meant something to me and I was happy about it.”

Still, Twitter users didn’t seem to think that her reasoning was an excuse for taking the picture.

“My relatives died at auschwitz, can I smile at your dad’s death? A selfie whilst in at it?” tweeted a user.

“Smile at my dad’s death and I swear to god if you didn’t live in fucking London or wherever I would come fucking kill you,” Breanna responded.

Breanna hasn’t deleted her original picture, but she has expressed regret for what happened.

“Omg I wish people would quit tweeting to, quoting, retweeting, and favoriting my picture of my smiling in Auschwitz Concentration Camp,” Breanna tweeted. “I’m so stupid and fuck everything up. It’s official.”

Sources: Buzzfeed, Pop Dust, Mirror


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