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Teen Sobs Uncontrollably After Being Arrested For Horrific Crime; Here's What He Did

A Wisconsin teen was pictured crying in his mugshot after being arrested for sexually assaulting a woman at knife point at a party.

Anthony Zingale was arrested after he drunkenly threatened to cut a young woman if she did not have sex with him. The woman's husband reportedly called the police on 19-year-old Zingale, as the party had been taking place at the couple's home.

The woman was in the bathroom when Zingale entered with a knife, and he allegedly began exposing himself from the waist down. The Sheboygan Press reported that Zingale "pressed the knife to her neck and said he would cut her if she didn't have sex with him."

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The woman was able to persuade Zingale to leave the bathroom by convicing him they should go to a bedroom. Once they were out of the bathroom, the woman began screaming for help. Zingale immediately put his hands behind his back and waited for police to arrive. 

Despite telling police a different version of events, Zingale did admit to being underage and drinking. He told officers his mother was with him at the party. He faces charges of first-degree sexual assault and carrying a concealed weapon. 


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