During Illegal Firearm Sale, Teen Shoots His Cousin, Then Is Fatally Shot By Customer


In a chaotic series of events, a Glendale, Arizona teen was shot dead with a firearm he had just sold to 24-year-old Tyrone Moore, Newser reports.

Moore, who had been previously banned from owning firearms by law, illegally purchased the gun for $150 before fatally shooting the seller, Elijah Williams.

Authorities believe that, at around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Williams sold the firearm to Moore. Also present was Moore's cousin, 18-year-old Hailes Coles.

Coles and Williams became engaged in an argument concerning another firearm. The situation escalated quickly with Williams allegedly shooting Coles in the head. Upon seeing Williams shoot his cousin in the head, Moore opened fire on Williams.

Authorities arrived at the scene with both gunshot victims still alive, though Williams later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Coles is in stable condition, though authorities have yet to interview the 18-year-old due to the wounds from which he is recovering.

Now, the 24 year-old is being charged with misconduct involving weapons, among other pending charges. Authorities have still yet to determine whether they will file homicide charges against Williams, given the circumstances.

To make matters more complicated, the Arizona Republic reports that, according to court records, "Moore is a prohibited possessor and had reportedly violated his California parole stemming from a sex-crimes charge."

Sources: Newser, AZ Central


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