Man Attempts To Flee Court After Sentencing (Video)

Man Attempts To Flee Court After Sentencing (Video) Promo Image

An Ohio man is facing additional charges and more jail time after attempting to flee from court during his sentencing (video below).

Cyrus Matthews, 19, bolted out of a courthouse during his sentencing on Nov. 1, the Daily Mail reported. He was being sentenced for misdemeanor road rage charges relating to an incident dating back to June.

When Judge Stephen McIlvaine told Matthews that he would be spending 60 days in jail, the suspect bolted out of the courtroom. Courtroom cameras showed him looking around before leaving the courthouse.

Matthews, who was not handcuffed at the time, hopped into a car outside of the courthouse and fled the scene. He was accompanied by an unidentified female passenger.

McIlvaine was shocked by Matthews' sudden departure. He yelled out for Matthews to come back. A bailiff had to chase after Matthews, as there were no police officers present in the courtroom at the time.

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Matthews was driving up to 90 mph before crashing into an SUV on a highway. A couple and their baby were in the vehicle at the time. They were taken to a nearby hospital and were not seriously injured.

The would-be fugitive eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a gas station sign. Matthews and his female companion were then trapped in the car and had to be cut out of the vehicle.

Matthews and the woman were also taken to a nearby hospital, WEWS reported. Police did not provide any further details on the woman's identity or her condition.

Matthews was then transported to Medina County Jail. He has been charged with felony escape and fleeing and eluding. It is not clear whether the woman is facing charges.

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Matthews will begin serving his initial 60-day sentence before new court proceedings start. Court records do not indicate whether he has an attorney or not, The Courier reported.

McIlvaine said he had never seen anything like this in his 21-year career practicing law.

"I tried to scream by getting his attention saying, 'Woah,'" the judge told WEWS. "I tried to explain I'd call the police and he would be charged with felony escape."

McIlvaine added that people facing misdemeanor charges are usually not handcuffed during court proceedings. The judge also explained that police are only present when there is a legitimate concern that the suspect will act out.

The court will revisit security procedures following the incident, McIlvaine said.

Sources: Daily Mail, WEWSThe Courier / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Medina County Sheriff's Office and ABC via Daily Mail

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