Teen Records Drunk Driving Accident As It Happens From Inside Car (Video)


A teenager involved in a gruesome drunk driving accident had her cell phone camera recording when the crash occurred. 

The surviving teenager is Desaleen James. She was the only one to survive the crash. James and her friends were driving home from a night out at a Maryland club when the crash took place. James admits that despite being underage, she and her friends had no trouble drinking alcohol that night.

“It was very easy,” she said. “I just had to pay the guy at the door $10 not to put an X on my hands.”

On their drive home, one of James’ friends is heard proudly exclaiming, “We’re driving drunk!”

Then, in a span of just six seconds, the girl’s singing and laughter turns to screams as their car runs off the road and crashes into a brick wall.

Police say the car was travelling at 94 miles an hour when it crashed.

"My friend,” James is heard telling a witness. "My friend just crashed. My friend just crashed."

James was the only person to survive the crash that night. She was wearing her seatbelt and suffered a broken hip. She gave a reflective interview with WUSA9 before the station aired her video.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else, not even my worst enemy, to walk in my shoes right now,” she said. “I can’t cry anymore … You never think that something like this is going to happen to you. It's one in a million, like, and then boom. It hits you. And there you are that one in a million."

James hopes her video can strike a chord amongst people who think they are immune to the dangers of drunk driving.

“Maybe I’m here to save someone else,” she said.

28 people die in America every day in drunk driving accidents.

Here is James' footage and interview:

Source: WUSA, MADD


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