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Teen Punched In Face By Louisiana Cop (Video)

Brady Becker, 17, was reportedly struck in the face by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Detective Nicholas Breaux in Metairie, Louisiana, last Friday night.

The incident was caught on cell video (below) by a witness.

Becker was reportedly part of a group of teens who exchanged words with some deputies.

In the video, Becker is taken to the ground and punched in the face by Det. Breaux.

Onlookers screamed as the violent episode continued, but were told by another deputy, "Back the f--- up!" noted The Free Thought Project.

Becker was reportedly treated at a local hospital and then booked at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility for resisting arrest, possession of alcohol by a minor, battering a police office and inciting a riot.

The police report claims that Becker yelled, "F--- the cops" and pushed Det. Breaux, however, Becker's attorney, David Belfield III, says Becker did not push the detective.

“We spoke to the family’s attorney and encourage them to file a complaint with the department, and it will be investigated fully,” said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Col. John Fortunato, reports The Times-Picayune.

Sources: The Times-Picayune, The Free Thought Project
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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