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Teen Has Boyfriend Arrested So She Can Ask Him To Prom

A California teen’s elaborate prom proposal, in which she got her boyfriend arrested for no reason so that she could pop the question, has sparked controversy online.

Photos posted to Twitter by the teen, who goes by Salty Stephanie, show her boyfriend, Dayveon, being randomly arrested at school in front of all his friends by a police officer. As he is taken outside to the police car, Salty Stephanie is waiting for him with a big sign that reads, “Dayveon, can I cuff you at prom?”

This is just one in a growing number of elaborate "prom-posals" carried out by teens, and while some are entertaining, many people think this was done in poor taste.

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“Teens are idiots,” Jezebel reporter Kara Brown writes. “Case in point: A teenage girl arranged for her black boyfriend to be arrested by a real police officer as a way of asking him to prom.”

Commenters were quick to agree.

“Well...if we were all to mention the insanely dumbass things we did as teen, i am not sure we would look any better than this idiot,” one Jezebel user wrote.

“I promise you that I would,” another responded. “Not because I was so great, but because this was that bad.”

Sources: Jezebel, The Daily Dot / Photo Source: Jezebel


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