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Teen Narrowly Escapes Death After Minor Car Accident

Hannah C. Wade, a 17-year-old from Farmersburg, Indiana, is lucky to be alive following a car accident. 

During the early hours of June 18, one of Wade’s tires blew out and she swerved across the highway, hitting a guard rail before the vehicle came to a stop. Another driver came to help her and Wade got out of her car to call for help.

Seconds after Wade got out of her car, a semitrailer plowed into her disabled 2001 Nissan.

Luckily, Wade managed to get out of the way and wasn't injured by the semit-tractor railer. The truck’s driver, Jerry Chamberlain, 56, of Belton, Missouri, was not injured. The driver who stopped to help was also unharmed.

"As Ms. Wade was dialing 911 and attempting to hurry out of the roadway, a westbound 2015 Freightliner tractor pulling a box trailer had moved into the passing lane to avoid the tractor-trailer on the shoulder,” the Indiana State Police report stated, reports The Brazil Times.

Wade was later taken to Terre Haute Regional Hospital after complaining of neck pain stemming from the original crash, Fox 59 reported.

 "The Indiana State Police would remind drivers — should they be involved in a crash that disables their vehicle in the roadway — (to) exit their vehicle and move to a safe location, followed by immediately dialing 911,” the police report said.

Sources:  Fox 59, The Brazil Times

Image: Indiana State Police via Fox 59


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