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Teen Gets Life Sentence For Role In Four Murders

A teenager was sentenced on Sept. 13 to life imprisonment for his part in the deaths of four people in 2015 during an armed robbery in Ohio.

Jordyn Wade, 18, was handed a 172 1/2-year sentence with no possibility of parole, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Wade did not pull the trigger in the execution-style killings, but a jury convicted him in May on multiple counts of aggravated murder, attempted murder and aggravated burglary.

Wade was armed and helped force the five people into a basement in a house in Columbus during a robbery on June 13, 2015. They were then shot at close range by Robert Adams, who faces a trial in January 2017 that could result in the death penalty. Wade did not face the death penalty because of his age.

The victims were Tyajah Nelson, 18, Daniel Sharp, 26, Angela Harrison, 35, and Michael Ballour, 41. A 19-year-old woman survived after a bullet grazed her head and she played dead to avoid detection.

Wade has a lengthy criminal record, including a number of parole violations, and was involved in gang activity.

“He’s taken absolutely no responsibility. None whatsoever,” Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor James Lowe said of Wade, reports WBNS. “He has the audacity to say that this was a cover-up.”

Wade’s defense attorney argued he should not receive life without parole because he was 16 at the time of the murders. A judge in the juvenile court system previously decided Wade could be tried in adult court.

The 18-year-old did not react after the sentence was pronounced in court.

The lengthy sentence was welcomed by relatives of the victims.

“I hope prison makes his life a living hell,” Carolyn Medley, Nelson’s grandmother, said in court.

The 19-year-old survivor testified against Wade in court and submitted a letter that was read out at the sentencing hearing.

“It feels great his life can be taken away, the way he took my sister and father’s life,” she wrote, according to WBNS.

She continued that Wade had “permanently destroyed my mind, heart and soul. I will always have a deep hatred for Jordyn Wade ... just a little boy who played follow the leader and lost his life.”

Sources: WBNS, The Columbus Dispatch / Photo credit: WDTN

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