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Teen Mom Searched For Ways To Induce Miscarriage Prior To Death Of Newborn

A Kansas teen mother whose baby was found dead in a trash bag searched the internet for ways to induce a miscarriage while she was 38 weeks pregnant, according to court documents.

Marissa Carol Fields, 19, claimed her baby was born blue and dead. The child was found in a trash can in the garage of her Kansas home by her father and brother in December of last year, KCTV reported.

But an autopsy reveals that the baby, who was born 19 inches long and weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces, was healthy when born and that the “lungs were expanded with air.”

“Regardless of mechanism, the cause of death is perinatal neglect and the manner of death is homicide,” stated an affidavit from a detective.

The section where the autopsy explains how the baby died is blackened out.

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Fields told her father that she had given birth to the child on Dec. 19. The father discovered the baby on Christmas night and contacted the authorities the following morning.

The Wichita State University student claimed she was not “really” aware that she was pregnant and that the baby barely moved. However, detectives’ findings contradict those claims.

According to court records, Fields searched for information on her phone that suggests she was in fact aware of her pregnancy. On Dec. 11, she searched for “38 weeks pregnant.” She also searched for “how to naturally induce labor” and “how to naturally induce a miscarriage.”

Fields visited several websites that offer information on giving birth and postpartum recovery. She also allegedly searched “how long after pregnancy until vagina tightens,” and took nude selfies where she “looks obviously pregnant,” according to court documents.

A text message from a friend was sent on Dec. 23, asking Fields if she was pregnant. Fields didn’t respond, but the friend sent another text.

The friend texted: “That's OK. As long as you are fine now. Not hurt. And nothing is permanent.”

Fields responded by texting, “Only thing that's ever permanent is death.”

The friend then asked her why she didn’t want children and Fields responded, “I don’t want that responsibility.”

Fields was arrested earlier this month, but posted bond. She is now back in school and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, KMBC reported.

Sources: KCTV, KMBC

Photo Credit: KCTV


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