Teen Mom Allegedly Killed Son By Putting Him Under A Mattress For 30 Minutes As Punishment


A teen mom was charged with murder for allegedly killing her toddler by putting him under a mattress for half an hour as a form of punishment.

Raven Campbell, 19, from Memphis, Tennessee allegedly put 2-year-old Jermyle Campbell under the mattress for 20 to 30 minutes as a way to discipline him, reports Fox 13.

She had done it to the boy countless times before, she said, but this time, she found her son lifeless and not breathing under the mattress, reports The Commercial Appeal.

Paramedics came to the family home and Jermyle was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, where he was confirmed dead. The autopsy showed that Jermyle had died from dehydration and hyperthermia. 

Hospital staff and police also said the 2-year-old had scratches and bite marks on his body, reports The Commercial Appeal. When Campbell was interviewed by police, she admitted responsibility for those marks and scratches on her son’s body, detectives told Fox 13.

Campbell has been charged with murder in the first degree, aggravated child abuse, neglect and aggravated child endangerment, according to The Commercial Appeal.

After the alleged murder, Campbell’s mother said her daughter had a history of mental illness since the age of 15, but she never saw her daughter abusing Jermyle.

“I want her to do time,” she told The Commercial Appeal. “But I want her to get help in a mental institution, medication, whatever she needs … I want my daughter to get some help.”

Before being charged with first-degree murder, Campbell was originally indicted on aggravated child abuse, aggravated child neglect and aggravated child endangerment.

In June, Memphis Police said they had been called numerous times to the family home for conflicts ranging from domestic disturbances to physical altercations and a possible attempted suicide.

It is uncertain whether anyone else was living at the home at the time of Jermyle’s death.

Campbell is being held without bail. She was indicted on Nov. 24.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 13,The Commercial Appeal / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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