Teen Mom Claims Her Boob Job Made Her A Better Mother (Photos)


British mother Tamsin Wade struggled with her smaller post-pregnancy bust, but now says that her pricey 32G implants have rebuilt her confidence and made her a better mother. That is how she justifies the new bill her family has to pay every month.

Before giving birth to her son Finley at age 17, Wade was able to proudly boast a size 32D. However, she experienced a significant post-pregnancy breast reduction that resulted in a 32AA.

The 19-year-old recalled that her confidence declined with her breast size.

“I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious,” Wade said. “Getting into a bikini made me feel so uncomfortable that me and Finley had never been swimming.”

At one point, Wade’s confidence was in such bad shape that she rarely left the house. Because of this, Finley became a shut-in at a time when toddlers begin making friends and crave social activity.

Finally, Wade decided to boost her self-esteem by undergoing an $8,500 breast enlargement surgery. In order to finance it, however, she was forced to take out a bank loan and now pays about $240 a month.

Wade said she doesn’t regret the decision, and that both her son and boyfriend have benefited from the surgery.

“After the surgery I felt so much better and immediately started joining mum and baby groups for me and Finley,” Wade said.

Wade added that it’s improved her relationship with her 26-year-old boyfriend Joe Johnson.

Wade now has plans to accompany her son to more play dates and even take him on vacation abroad, where she feels confident enough to lounge on Europe’s beaches.

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Sources: Inquisitir, Metro

Photo Credit: Caters


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