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Teen Mom Charged For Tying Up 16-Month-Old With Tape And Leaving Him In Car For Hours

 Grace Love An, 18, has been arrested for allegedly tying up her 16-month-old son with packing tape and cellophane and leaving him in a locked car near Gainesville, Georgia, on Nov. 12

An had to call a locksmith, Volley Collins, to unlock the vehicle. “So, I looked to see what kind of tool I needed,” he told the Gainesville Times. “I unlocked the door, and reached in to get her keys, and I heard a baby crying. I took my flashlight, and there was a little baby lying in the floorboard in the back.”

Around the same time, police arrived after someone called 911 about a suspicious person or vehicle. The child was found with his his mouth, hands and feet bound in tape and cellophane.

Collins said An acted like nothing was amiss when he arrived. “She just was acting like someone who had locked her keys in her car,” Collins said. “There was no reaction on her part at all.”

Collins was angry there was a child in the vehicle. “I popped my head out of the car, real mean-like, and said ‘you should have told me there was a baby in the car,’” he said. Collins added that the child was upset. “He was crying,” Collins said. “It was just a whimper, but he was crying … I can still picture that baby all taped up.”

Deputies called for an ambulance and after the boy was treated; he was released to the Division of Family and Children Services.

Investigators believe An tied up her son. “There’s no question as to how the child became bound by the tape and cellophane,” said Deputy Nicole Bailes.

According to booking records, An has been tried with first degree cruelty to a child, false imprisonment and misdemeanor reckless conduct.

Sources: Hall County Booking Records, Gainesville Times / Photo credit: Image via Gainesville Times

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