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Teen Left Stunned After Store Fires Him For One Simple Reason

An Ohio teen says that he was fired from his job after his prescription medication showed up on a drug test. 

Noah Jacon-Duffy, 17, told WCPO (video below) that he lost his grocery bagging job at Kroger when his ADHD medication registered as an amphetamine on a drug screening.

The teen said he wasn't worried when he was told that they were going to do a mouth swab drug test. He told the tester that he takes prescription ADHD medication and was told, "I don't think that will pop up or anything."

Unfortunately for Noah, the tester was wrong and the medication did pop up. Just two and a half weeks after starting his job at Kroger he was sent a termination letter from General Information Services, the drug screening company that works with Kroger.

Noah and his mother, Michelle Jacon-Duffy, quickly contacted the store's manager.

"During our defending time, I said, 'Is he going to be suspended?' and the manager said, 'No, nothing like that will happen,'" Michelle said. "And then it eventually did happen. He was terminated."

After the family fought the termination, Noah was reinstated by Kroger. His mother said that other families should beware and that companies need to be more upfront about things like this.

"I definitely would say that this information needs to be upfront prior to the drug, not weeks after they've been terminated," she said. " That's not the way to go about it. This could have been prevented."

Michelle said that she would have been willing to provide any information the company needed about his prescription, but they never asked for any information beforehand.

Although Noah got his job back, Michelle thinks he is still owed an apology.

"I would like an apology," she said. "He was humiliated. He felt like he was thrown under the bus and he didn't deserve that."

Noah is currently back at Kroger working, but he's unsure if he wants to stay there long-term.

Sources: WCPOYouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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