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Teen Lauren Marbe Has IQ of 161, Higher than Bill Gates and Einstein

A teen girl in the UK has stunned teachers and the world after she scored a 161 on an IQ test, beating Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

Lauren Marbe, 16, also proved wrong everyone who believed that blondes were not smart.

She hopes it will beat the stigmas associated with being blonde.

Marbe also enjoys other things that many would think are not typical of a genius, like getting fake tans and manicures.

Even some of her teachers thought she was “ditzy.”

“My teachers knew I was quite clever because of my grades but they had always thought I was blonde and a bit ditzy” she said. “Now they keep saying, ‘I didn’t realize you were that clever.’”

She is a student at Roding Valley High School in Loughton, Essex. She is an A student, but ultimately she dreams of being a performer in the West End. If she decides to go to college, she said she will study architecture at the University of Cambridge.

Marbe is also talented at singing. She has performed in the West End for two years as part of the chorus for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit Joseph.

Her parents are quite proud of their daughter’s score, and said they will support her in whatever path she takes.

Like Lauren, they, too, want her score to put an end to the “blondes are dumb” label.

"Most of the time Essex gets a bit of a negative press. People think all girls are blonde and all girls are dim. Lauren is blonde but it does seem like she has shaken the stereotype that all Essex girls are stupid," they said.

"Essex girls are all well groomed and Lauren isn't any different. Her and her friends like to go out and get dressed up in nice clothes. There's nothing wrong with the TOWIE cast and everyone in Essex loves the program but its just nice for us all to get a good reputation for academic success for a change.”



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