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Teen Kara Alongi's Frantic Tweet About Home Intruder Goes Viral After she Disappears

A teen girl's Twitter has blown up overnight with 95,000 new followers and 32,000 retweets after a worrisome tweet was made around 6:15 Sunday night. It said: "There is someone in my hour ecall 911," according to Gawker.

Kara Alongi, 16, went missing the night she created the tweet. Once the world learned of her missing status, they started spreading her tweet around the Internet in hopes of helping solve the mystery. 

Before long, #helpfindkara was trending nationally, and police say they have fielded more than 6,000 calls about Alongi. 

After police investigated the situation, they determined that the incident was a hoax, and that Alongi ran away voluntarily. 

They did not find any signs of disturbance at her house, and a taxi driver described driving someone who looked like Alongi to a train station from her house. Police are looking for her, but believe she is in no danger.

"We do not feel any foul play was involved," Clark, New Jersey police chief Alan Scherb said. 

Alongi left her phone at home, so she is unaware of the thousands of followers she has gained overnight. 

Now that the world knows the tweet was a hoax, #helpfindkara has become a favorite of Internet trolls. Many have posted pictures of themselves looking for her under beds. 

"This girl went from the most worried about girl on Twitter, to the most hated," tweeted one user, BryanTS18.


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