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Teen Jesse Rainey Accidentally Shot in Head by Another Teen

Jesse Rainey, 15, is in critical condition today after he was shot in the head by a friend during prank that went wrong in Colbert County, Alabama.

Rainey and seven friends were spending the weekend in a home that belonged to the grandmother of one of the boys, reports

Some of the teens decided to prank their friends by faking a home invasion. They were trying to find the switch box, when Rainey jumped out of a closet. One of the teens friend dropped a video game and fired a shot into Rainey’s head with a .38 caliber hand gun.

Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May told "One of the young men cut the lights to the house, then a few of the other guys snuck back inside, wanting their friends to believe there was an intruder."

Sheriff May said the shooting was “accidental” after interviewing all of the boys, no charges will be filed.

Rainey was taken to Helen Keller Hospital on Saturday before being transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL.


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