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Teen On Drugs Breaks Into Home, Attacks Mom And Son

A 19-year-old man in Florida who was reportedly high on drugs came smashing through the window of a family's home and attacked two people, according to authorities.

Nico Bello reportedly "cannonballed" through the window of a home in Stuart at roughly 3 a.m. on Aug. 28, and then attacked a woman and her adult son, the Palm Beach Post reports.

The two survived the attack after the woman hit Gallo in the head with a baseball bat and the son was able to hold him down until police arrived, according to Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. Snyder also said Gallo showed "extreme strength and tolerance to pain."

Regarding the 55-year-old woman in the home, Snyder recalls, "She said she was in fear of her life and her son’s life and then she began to think it was something similar to the south county attack,” referring to an alleged killing of a couple by a University of Florida student who was reportedly on flakka.

Bello, as well as another teenager, are said by a witness to have taken LSD and another drug called methylone -- a drug which falls under the "bath salts" category -- according to the New York Daily News.  

Palm Beach Post reports that the teens took a different drug, dibutylone, although Gallo himself reportedly told the owner of the home that he had taken flakka and thought he was going to die.

"There was just a lot of inexplicable, unprovoked violence," Snyder said. "Clearly, he was not thinking rationally."

After deputies captured him, Gallo was hospitalized and in stable condition. New York Daily News reports that investigators will recommend charging him with burglary and assault during a burglary.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Martin County Sheriff's Office/Facebook via Palm Beach Post

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